Dahlia Growing Tips

Dahlias are easy to grow and incredibly rewarding. I’m by no means an absolute expert but after several years of growing Dahlias I’ve got a few tips to share to get the best from your plants . I hope you find them helpful.

•Wait until the soil has warmed, Labour Day is usually a good time.

•Choose a sunny spot, 8 hours of sun a day is ideal. Less than that may result in fewer blooms or as I’ve experienced, none at all!

•Make sure you are planting in a spot where the soil is well draining otherwise your tubers may rot.

•About a month before planting, prepare your soil by digging in compost or manure. This will add organic material which will help with drainage and provide lots of nutrients to give your tubers a good start. I usually dig mine in about 20cm deep.

•You can add some general fertiliser at the time of planting your tubers. Don’t add it earlier as the nutrients will just wash away.

•Add a low nitrogen fertiliser when plants are starting to bud.  Tomato fertiliser is perfect.  You want a fertiliser low in Nitrogen as nitrogen promotes leafy growth and we want our plants producing blooms rather than big leaves!  Give your plants another dose a month later.