Verbascum bombyciferum

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Seeds per packet : 60

A drought tolerant plant with a rosette of large fuzzy silver leaves in the first year and tall columns of sulphur yellow flowers in the second. A very impressive structural plant for the larger garden or as a specimen plant. Flowers from early summer to early autumn. Drought resistant.  

Common Name : Giant Silver Mullein
Family : Scrophulariaceae

Position : Full Sun
Soil requirements : Poor/Well drained
Height : 160-180cm
Spread : 60cm

Sowing method : Transplant  
When to sow : Sow indoors late autumn or early spring
Depth : Surface sow and lightly cover
Germination : 14-21 days. (If not germinated after 4 weeks, cold stratify in the fridge for 2 weeks.)
Ideal germination temperature : 20°C

Spacing : 25cm
Flowers : January - March