Violet has a deeply though out garden which has offered me much inspiration over the years.  Her style is unique with a refined palette and seamlessly blended plants with structural interest and layers of texture. I liken a visit to her garden to walking though a painting. Together we have selected this range of perennial seeds based on plants we both love to grow and ones we have wanted to grow but couldn't find New Zealand. Many of the plant varieties are also popular with naturalistic planting masters such as Piet Oudolf, Nigel Dunnett and Adam Woodruff.

Being not only a skilled plantswomen but an artist, Violet's exquisite botanical paintings feature on each seed packet.  

You can read more about Violet and her garden here.

Perennial seeds can be a little challenging sometimes but these hard to find plants are worth the effort and patience. Unlike annual plants which only grow for one season, perennials grow for at least two years and often for many many more. After the first year, your plants will not only be  larger but you can divide them providing you countless more.


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