Angelica archangelica

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A majestic plant with huge umbel blooms held on cherry red stems. Flowers in the second year. Suitable for growing near waterways and in shady spots offering height and texture.  A favourite of honey bees.

As well as being a great plant for structural interest it has various uses. Early spring shoots have been used as a natural sweetener and the leaves are used for flavouring stewed fruits and in the preparation of a herbal tea. 

Common name : Holy Ghost
Family : Apiaceae
Type : Perennial

Position : Part - Full Shade
Soil requirements : Moist/Loamy
Height : 180cm
Spread : 45cm

Sowing method : Transplant recommended
When to sow : Late autumn - early spring
Depth : 5mm
Germination : 14-21 days 
Ideal germination temperature : 15-20°C

Plant spacing : 75cm
Flowers : Second Year, January - March