Astrantia major

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Seeds per packet : 30

Astrantia brings a lovely delicate feel to the garden and blends well with most plants. It is an erect, clump forming perennial with sparse leaves and stems with clusters of delicate flowers.  Prefers a moist spot but will tolerate dry conditions.

Common name : Greater Masterwort
Family : Apiaceae
Type : Perennial

Position : Full Sun - Part Shade
Soil requirements : Fertile/Moist but drier conditions tolerated
Height : 60cm
Spread : 45cm

Sowing method : Transplant recommended
When to sow : Autumn
Depth : Surface sow and cover lightly
Germination : 14-42 days 
Ideal germination temperature : Cold stratify seeds.  Sow into moist  seed raising mix at approx 20 °C for 2-4 weeks. Then cold stratify. Move to the fridge for 4-6 weeks and then return to warmth 18. Germination should occur. If it does not, repeat the process. Germination can take many months.

Plant spacing : 30-45cm
Flowers : January - March