Verbena bonariensis 'Tall Verbena'

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Tall Verbena
Verbena bonariensis

This tall plant has long thin stems topped with clusters of tiny purple flowers that appear to be suspended in the air.  Works well where some structure is needed while still having a delicate feel. 

Will self-seed. Borderline hardy, may be damaged by winter frosts, avoid this by leaving the dead stalks until spring, when new growth is evident, before cutting them back. A protective mulch should be added around them in the autumn with leaf mould or compost.

Type : Perennial.  Annual in cold climates.
Position : Sun
Height : 120-180cm
Quantity per packet : 50 

Sowing method : Transplant - Start indoors August.  Direct sow in areas with long growing seasons.
When to plant : Late Spring or Autumn
Spacing : 20cm
Depth : Surface sow and lightly cover.
Germination : 14-28 days
Days to maturity : 90

Flowers : January - May
When to pick : When outer layer begin to open.
Vase life : 7-10 days