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Eupatorium cannabinum

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Seeds per packet : 100

A lovely tall clump forming plant for damp or boggy areas.  Stems are a  deep reddish colour and are topped with pale pink clusters of flowers loved by bees and butterflies.

Common name : Hemp Argrimony
Family : Asteraceae
Type : Perennial

Position : Full Sun - Part Shade
Soil requirements : Moist/Wet
Height : 130cm
Spread : 100cm

Sowing method : Transplant 
When to sow : Spring
Depth : Surface sow, do not cover as light aids germination
Germination : 14-28 days 
Ideal germination temperature : 20°C

(If germination does not occur after 4 weeks, cold stratify. Place the pot inside a polythene bag and move to the fridge, 4°C. for 4 weeks then return to warmth.)

Plant spacing : 60cm
Flowers : Summer to autumn