Niwaki GR Pro Topiary Clippers

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One-handers for whizzing over the top and round the back.

Hard-wearing, heavy-duty clippers for box clipping, topiary and other jobs in the garden where double handed shears are too large or clumsy. Don’t overdo it – they’re not for hard woody cuts, but are absolutely indispensable for small box balls, and finishing off larger topiary work, reaching around the back and into gaps

Hand forged in Yamagata, deep in the mountains in northern Japan, from high carbon steel, with a solid, chunky catch at the bottom and a robust spring. Yellow grips show up in the undergrowth and on the compost heap – and they look great. The tips cross over a bit when fully closed, to allow for years and years of use and sharpening.

New Shears and Clippers do tend to stick a bit at first – rather like a good frying pan, they can take a bit of wearing in. Clean them regularly and oil with Camellia Oil until they settle down.

Keep your Clippers clean – box leaves in particular can gunk them up. Use the Niwaki Crean Mate and plenty of Camellia Oil.


  • 322g
  • 271 x 51 x 21mm
  • 110mm blades
  • Max cut Ø3mm
  • KA-70 Carbon steel
  • Vinyl Grip handles
  • Made in Sanjo, Japan
  • Includes Spare Spring